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Welcome to Chris & Eddie’s weird Blog. It’s food, it’s travel, it’s recipes, it’s music, it’s parties at home, it’s tips for entertaining and restaurants to check out, it’s basically the mad jumble our lives tend to be. It’s not about amassing followers or making money, we just want to share our experiences with our friends and their friends and people who might become friends.

Pictures from our travels

The two of us in Kyoto in Autumn, the Bar Awards in Singapore, were we did a pop-up with our barmen, on the canals in Kerala, in Barcelona with Albert Adria and Amin, our executive chef in Barcelona and a view of a small yakitori kitchen in Tokyo.

Latest from the Blog

Spanish Eggs

I call it Spanish eggs, but it’s probably about as Spanish as Bizet’s Carmen. It’s just that the dish reminded my of Spain. I do miss the travelling! Treat the family (or just yourself) to a great tomato egg tomorrow morning, why don’t you? By the way, the paprika I am using is from ourContinue reading “Spanish Eggs”

A Better Butter

You may be wondering why you have not heard from me in such a long time (or you may not) and the answer is: Cheese! I’ve been making it and it takes time, especially if you are making butter and sausages as well. It’s all this churning, curdling, pressing and stuffing that gets into theContinue reading “A Better Butter”


Liver Cheese in English. Which would explain it all if only it had liver or cheese in it, but confoundedly, it has neither. Does it make you smell of cheese and feel liverish? Not either. The etymology is fascinating to a language nerd like me. Laiba in old German means leftovers and käse is aContinue reading “Leberkäse”

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