This Wine Tastes Like Schist

I recently scrolled through the pictures I took on a visit to the Fritz Haag vineyard in 2017. Fritz Haag’s vineyard has been around since 1605 and as far as anyone knows, it’s been in the family ever since. The white haired gentleman you see in the pictures is Wilhelm Haag who took over fromContinue reading “This Wine Tastes Like Schist”

Time for a Wo-Man’s Drink!

We don’t want to be sexist here now, do we? It’s interesting though how we think of a strong drink, generally debauched drinking habits and booze-swaggery bravado as a man’s habits. I’ve known and still know plenty of women, ladies even!, who are no shrinking violets when it comes to strong drink. Why, even CamelliaContinue reading “Time for a Wo-Man’s Drink!”