Time for a Wo-Man’s Drink!

We don’t want to be sexist here now, do we? It’s interesting though how we think of a strong drink, generally debauched drinking habits and booze-swaggery bravado as a man’s habits. I’ve known and still know plenty of women, ladies even!, who are no shrinking violets when it comes to strong drink. Why, even CamelliaContinue reading “Time for a Wo-Man’s Drink!”

Don’t Turn Your Nose Up at a Humble Lentil Soup!

Lentil soup is more than a soup, it’s sustenance for a day in the field, it’s survival, it’s comfort and it’s history. When the battle of Jericho was fought, people had already been eating lentils for 10,000 years. Aristophanes waxed lyrical about it in 400BC and although he was a bit of a joker, heContinue reading “Don’t Turn Your Nose Up at a Humble Lentil Soup!”

Maccheroni with Ham & Peas

This is as splendid a dish as it is easy to make. As there are just a few ingredients, you should try and use the best available. If you made your own chicken stock, use cooked ham freshly cut off a whole ham (ask your butcher for a thick slice, about 1cm), use French creamContinue reading “Maccheroni with Ham & Peas”