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It’s taken me a while to get this page up, as I’m a bit of a tech-retard and I’m not even entirely sure it is going to work, but after many complaints that it’s difficult to find the recipes, I hope this makes it easier. Click on the category and it should take you to what you are looking for. I’m still working on a proper search thingy and archive, but this may help for now.


Liver Cheese in English. Which would explain it all if only it had liver or cheese in it, but confoundedly, it has neither. Does it make you smell of cheese and feel liverish? Not either. The etymology is fascinating to a language nerd like me. Laiba in old German means leftovers and käse is aContinue reading “Leberkäse”

Pita Bread

Yes, yes, I know. You can buy these cheaply, pre-packed with a shelf life as long as an elephant’s memory, but really? Seriously? Are you going to go through all the trouble of making babaganoush, eggplant salad, hummus and stuffed vine leaves just to spoil the meal with a preservative laden bag of floppy starchContinue reading “Pita Bread”


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Even after almost 20 years as a chef, I still prefer to think of myself as a cook. Chefs present plates with voilà flourish while cooks put the pot on the table and let everyone dig in. It’s the cook part that I want to share with you; sometimes messy, not always perfect, the cook’s food is made to be enjoyed with friends.

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