Music for a Sunday Morning

Amsterdam Sinfonietta with violist Janine Jansen; Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’; Internationaal Kamermuziek Festival 2014.

A cup of coffee, the weekend papers (FT Weekend for the frivolous part of it) and some Sunday morning music. I’m quite predictable. It can’t be challenging, or too violent, so I end up with the same sort of selection. Pavarotti singing Neapolitan songs in an atrocious Neapolitan accent if it’s Italian for lunch (Eddie hates all that screaming), or a good dose of Teutonic tunes with Beethoven’s 6th conducted by Karajan and if I’m feeling frivolous, it’s Handel and his fire and water musics (sic), but today I found that we do not possess a copy of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. It is surely the MOST Sunday music ever written and we don’t have it! YouTube to the rescue and I find an very interesting chamber orchestra interpretation of it. Not all saccharine and speed fiddle, but virtuoso enough and with a more period inclination. Very good indeed, as the don’t stop saying on the BBC.

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